Real Love is … – Fera + Hendra // Love Story Cinema

Once in a while, you have a client that is very nice, cooperative, lovely and want to create something great for their event. Fera and Hendra is one of them.
I really enjoy working with them, after developing the script and interview them, I’ve got to know them even more in a very personal way.

Through all this process of interviewing, we’ve became good friends. I guess it’s just fate that brought all of us together in this project.
It was extremely windy on that day at the St Monica Pier and Third street Promenade. But Fera really play it cool and determined to shoot even in those chilly climate.
Special thanks to Artie for the nice hand writing, Fera’s sister and room mate for the flowers and candles. And off course Hendra himself, whatever you want to do, he will make it happen.
The concept comes from Fera and Hendra’s own daily life routines and how they met and fall in love on their first date at Santa Monica.
It’s very touchy and everybody loves it when we show it at their wedding reception. Thank you Fera and Hendra for sharing your stories to us. Wish you both the best in your relationship as the new family.

People we love to work together for this event :
Michael Nakamura at
Michael & Mira Obadja at
Event coordinator by Stacey Tang
Catering by Grace catering