Erra + Hanny // Love Story Cinema

I must admit, I just love to work with lovely, nice & good looking couple. Erra & Hanny definitely in this category. It’s easy to see that love is in the air, when you hang around with Erra & Hanny.
It took us 2 days to shoot this 7 minutes pre-wedding featurette. When I interview both of them, I proposed the idea to travel to Las Vegas. Since it was the place where they became close together for the first time. We all got so excited, hey … it’s Vegas baby !
The first day we arrived, we shots until 3 AM in the morning, because we don’t want to miss the night scenes.
The timelapse took me 1.5-2 hours to shoot by myself on top bridge near Planet Hollywood hotel.
The second day we shoot at the hotel’s private gym, cafe and pool. It was perfect timing, not too hot and not too many people around.
Vegas have too many spots to shoot, next time we go, at least 3 days to shoot, and that will be just right.
The buffet is absolutely fantastic, we went twice to Rio’s, because the Gelato there is superb magnifico !

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