First Time – Venus + Stephen // Love Story Cinema

What a wonderful couple, Venus and Stephen is definitely one of our best looking couple yet. Not only that, their love truly showed up in their relationship and just make our job a lot easier by taking this prewedding featurette to the next level.
Watching a lot of romantic Hongkong movies in my college years, really helps me out in creating the scene shots for this prewedding featurette. This is my take on Michael Guang Liang / Michael Wong’s “First Time”. The idea is to create what is the “Real” First time when they both met with each other. I believe everything happened for a reason and sometimes believe it or not, it’s “predestined or meant to be”.

This short film narrated by Stephen himself, will show you how their “Real” first time happened. Just watch it yourself, and “Like” us on our Facebook page if you love it.

Congratulations Venus & Stephen !

Check out this Funny Outtake, Behind the Scenes footages, and the Trailer as well

We shot this Prewedding featurette ( short film ) for 1 whole day. We travel with Los Angeles Metro Subway system, the ideas is to imitate the subway scenes in HongKong movies.

Stephen both are fluent in Cantonese, so this film have some cantonese flavor in it :-) yummy! The scenes are really romantic, we pick some of the best scenes across LA, the park, the mission church, the LACMA famous lights installation in downtown LA.