Globecast USA Summit 2011

Globecast is a major international content media buyer and distributor around the world. Headquartered in France with offices in every continents around the globe. 

Globecast USA held their first Summit near their headquarter in Culver city, CA. The theme is “Big Picture” with Hollywood style presentation and activity, is one of the most unique and interesting Corporate gathering that we’ve captured so far.
One of the most exciting part is where every associates divided into 8 teams and given the task to create “Movie” with different themes, such as: Pirates, Sandal and Toga, Western cowboys, Film noir, Slapstick etc
Check it out for yourself, and it was really a good gathering and brainstorming for all the associates, everybody feel energized and ready to conquer the world after this event.

Event organizer : Edge Creative, Auckland, New Zealand
Photographer : CFP Studio, Culver City, CA