FonD, where are you based in?

We are  based in Los Angeles and Orange County. But we do travel a lot for destination weddings.

What is Cinematic style film ?

Well, the name said it for itself. It’s a cinematic approach in filming with more story telling. This approach is unique only to you, aka “customized” only to you. Another way to see it is “A short movie out of your own story”. Isn’ t that exciting ? and off course the whole nine yards with all of cinematic techniques of film making aspects will be incorporated in “Your movie” as well. So be prepared to be a movie star with you as the “Executive director”.

Which packages should I choose ?

The best way to find out is to setup an appointment, sit down and share with us your story. Every story and event is different, we will give you options on which packages is best suited for you, so you have the overall ideas on how to fulfill your film.

What kind of equipments do you use ?

We are fully equipped with the latest HDTV widescreen high definition 1080p capable cameras and professional film-making tools.

Why so many cameramen / videographers, can you just do it alone?

If you ever went to see a tv or film production you will be amazed on how many cameras they use to capture a single conversation scene. Filming is different than Photography, once the Camera is rolling, it can’t stop and that’s the only view angle that we have. In an event like wedding, we don’t have the privilege to do many takes, there is only “take 1”. So just like shooting an expensive stunt scene, we put more cameras in different angles for redundancy and also to get more view points that we can edit later.

For the Love Story Cinema, do I have to come up with my own story ?

Yes, we highly encourage you to do so. We will guide you to interviews & questionnaires that shapes your story. Most of the time we will look for specific memorable event that have profound positive impact in your life or relationship. We believe everybody is “special” and have something to share about themselves, it’s just universal nature. But, sometimes in special cases, we can also create a story and blend it into your own experiences. Simply said, don’t worry about it, we will have it covered for you.

Can I be sure that all your crew members have professional etiquette ?

We can assure you that we all work professionally, we teach them to respond and smile whenever they interact with you or your guests. :-) see… ?!

How long is the Full Feature Wedding Cinema, and will you cover everything ?

The Full feature film of your event normally will ran about 30-60 minutes after editing. We will cover all important parts, such as the ceremony, vows, speeches, guest interviews and any performance you might have on the wedding day.

How to book and reserve your service ?

You can email us at fondproductionsusa@gmail.com or simply fill out this Contact us form

My Wedding venue required all vendors to have $2,000,000 liability insurance, do you provide that ?

Yes, off course. It’s all included in our packages, so rest assured you are in good hands. :)

Do we have to feed the videographers ?

Well, in our experiences it’s good to keep all your crews full stomach, they will work better and get better angles, when the stomach is full. It works for your guests too, right ?

How long will it takes for my video to finish?

Expect around 8-16 weeks for the video to finish.

Can you film our wedding?

Absolutely positively!